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    Azokle Ads FAQ

    Azokle Ads prioritizes user privacy by abstaining from tracking any personal data. Instead, it relies on keywords or website content to display relevant advertisements, eliminating the need for invasive tracking mechanisms.d

    No, Azokle Ads does not require users to provide any personal information. Users can enjoy the service without the need for registration or disclosing any sensitive data. d

    Azokle Ads utilizes keyword targeting and website content analysis to determine the context of a webpage. Based on this information, relevant ads are selected to be displayed, ensuring user privacy while still delivering tailored advertisements.

    No, Azokle Ads does not share any user data with third parties. All information used for ad targeting is derived from publicly available content on websites or provided keywords.

    Yes, users have the option to opt out of targeted ads with Azokle Ads. They can adjust their ad preferences or utilize browser settings to limit ad personalization.

    Azokle Ads employs various measures to combat ad fraud and maintain ad quality. This includes rigorous screening of advertisers, ongoing monitoring of ad performance, and utilizing industry-standard fraud detection techniques to ensure the integrity of the ad network.